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Mega64 Gods (revised). PSCS4 and Corel Painter 11

Nearly 2 years after completion, I revised my Mega64 Gods painting. This involved going over the entire painting and adding highlights, re-painting the faces, adding in Garrett’s new tattoos, and fixing a lot of the lighting issues (which there are a few I would like to further resolve, but don’t have enough time to). Since I’ve been watching Mega64 since my junior year of college, I wanted to give the guys something special because I knew I was finally going to meet them last weekend at RTX. So I revised the painting, got it printed on canvas and surprised the guys with a little gift.

Huge shouts out to Mega64. Their humor really brought levity to my life through college and when I was having hardships in Japan. The Mega64 community has also been amazing and I feel I’ve formed some life-long friendships thanks to them. Thank you Mega64!!!