Josie and the Pussycats #2!

Delighted that after working on some covers I was asked to do interior colors for Josie from here on outI have to mention that Josie is one of my childhood (and pre-teen when the move came out) heroes! LOVE JOSIE and I'm on a GREAT team! <3

Words: Marguerite Bennett and Cameron Deordio/ Line Art: Audrey Mok/ Color Art: Kelly Fitzpatrick/ Letters: Jack Morelli/ Cover Art: Rebecca Isaacs with Kelly Fitzpatrick

Shade the Changing Girl #1 previews! YAY YOUNG ANIMAL! YAY LADIES!

Story by Cecil Castellucci/ Line Art by Marley Zarcone/ Color Art by Kelly Fitzpatrick/ Letters by Saida Temofonte/ Covers by Becky Cloonan, Tula Lotay, and Duncan Fegredo