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Interviews specifically focused on myself or my career in comics- not about specific books I'm working on.


PopCultHQ [Creator Spotlight] Colorist of the Month – February 2018: Kelly Fitzpatrick

PopCultHQ is kicking off 2018 in a new way. Each month, we’ll be selecting Comic Book Creators of the Month and interview them for a spotlight article. For February 2018’s Colorist of the Month, we selected Kelly Fitzpatrick.


Bustle Interview

Colorists Are The Unsung Heroes Of The Comic Industry, And It’s Time To Pay Attention




InkPulp Audio Podcast

Mental Health. I keep coming back to mental health. I fight with it most days. It seems to be very common in our world right now. Is it a sign of the times? A new plague? Or was it always there and we are just more vocal about it now, with social media and all. I don’t know, BUT, Kelly and i have a deep talk about it. It’s classic Inkpulp Audio. (Yes, i did just reference my own podcast as being “classic.”) I’m at episode 72 Dammit! Anyways, enjoy, or try to. It’s a tough one.


Comic Book Resources Interview

Colorist Kelly Fitzpatrick’s name has been seen everywhere over the last few years. After starting out on titles like Image Comics’ Peter Panzerfaust, she’s quickly leapt across to work on comics as varied as DC Comics BombshellsShade, the Changing Girl and the recent prestige format series Supergirl: Being Super. Her work is notable for being striking and emphatic: when you need somebody who will make Supergirl look larger than life and spectacular, there is no one more up for the job. When you want to make the world of Shade seem strange and surreal — yet weirdly believable — Kelly Fitzpatrick is the person to call.




Paper Robots Podcast

Colorist and artist Kelly Fitzpatrick hop on the cast to bound over emo music, JGL (Joseph Gordon Levitt) and talk about the comic book industry.
Read more at http://thepaperrobots.libsyn.com/episode-99-colorist-kelly-fitzpatrick

That Girl with the Curls Podcast

Sam talks with Kelly Fitzpatrick, Tamra Bonvillain, Marissa Louise, and K. Michael Russell about the ins and outs of being a colorist in the comic book industry. https://maniacalgeek.com/2015/05/08/that-girl-with-the-curls-episode-35-a-palette-of-colorists/



Comics Manifest Podcast

Kelly Fitzpatrick joins us on the show today, so excited to have her on the show and I’ve been trying to get the chance to speak with her since episode 34 with Matt Wilson.

So during this chat, we dive into her journey and if you aren’t familiar with how she ‘broke into comics’ it’s an extremely powerful and inspiring journey. She totally transformed her life in one year and is a living example of the power of taking action.


Women Write About Comics Interview


Colorists on Color: Interview with Kelly Fitzpatrick


Questionable Comics: Justin Ponsor and Kelly Fitzpatrick Interview

In today’s Questionable Comics we talk to two colorists with some incredible credits at some of comics’ biggest publishers. Up first is Justin Ponsor, who currently works primarily at Marvel, but has also done work for DC/Wildstorm.


Sktchd Interview

Cupcakes and Colorists: Kelly Fitzpatrick Talks Her Craft and the Vital Role Colorists Play in Comics



All-Comic Podcast

We are back with a brand new episode of All-Comic Interviews… and this week we have colorist extraordinaire Kelly Fitzpatrick as our guest! Starting out as an assistant and flatter for Eisner winner Jordie Bellaire–who coincidentally happens to be in a relationship with another one of our guests, Declan Shalvey–Kelly as quickly begun to establish herself as a top level colorist. Plus, she’s a blast to chat with and we can’t thank her enough for taking the time to do this. Especially since she had to completely stop working because she’s a clicking fiend while she works.


Previews World Interview


Women In Comics Month: Interview with Kelly Fitzpatrick




Comicosity Interview

We get a chance to have a no pressure conversation about comics with female creators in the community. Their creativity is inspiring to people throughout the comic fandom who enjoy their work.

They are our HERoes.


Dark Horse Interview