Men’s Fashion Tips and Style Guide

It turns out that appearance is not the only thing that women pay attention to. Because now men are also starting to pay attention to their appearance, including fashion. If previously a man only did undercut hair to maximize his appearance, now it is not only limited to that.

Because it can be seen that currently there is so much information available in the form of tips and guides for men’s fashion. So that by applying it will be able to improve the appearance of a man. If you are curious about this, read the following tips and guidelines regarding men’s fashion.

Choose Bold Colors

One of the tips that can be applied to make your appearance more attractive is to try choosing clothes with bold colors. Because in general, a man will prefer dark or navy-colored clothes.

The use of these colors seems boring. That’s why we recommend trying to choose clothes with bold colors to give a different impression. Moreover, these colors can be combined with several dark colors so that they will be very suitable when used.

Trying Patterned and Textured Clothes

In general, men will prefer to wear clothes such as t-shirts because they look simple but stylish. Though please note that now you can try to use patterned and textured clothes as a new option.

One of the most suitable options for use by men such as polo shirts, sweaters, and sweatshirts. Trying to use one of these options will certainly be able to maximize your appearance rather than just relying on undercut hair.

Choose the Right Size

One of the tips that should not be forgotten by all men when they want to choose an outfit is to pay attention to the size of the clothes. Because it must be known that the incompatibility of the size of the clothes with the body will affect a person’s appearance.

That’s why we recommend not choosing an outfit that has a size that is too large so that it is not too comfortable when viewed. So, when choosing these clothes, it would be better to try them first in the fitting room.

Choosing White Basic Clothes

Basic clothing is one of the most important items to combine with other outerwear. There are many kinds of basic clothes, some of which are singlets, socks, and t-shirts.

To feel right when combined with other clothes, we highly recommend using basic clothes that have white color. Because white is a color that is suitable when combined with all colors.

Leaving One Button Open

Even the concept of using buttons is one thing that is suitable for you to maximize your appearance. You can try leaving one of the buttons open to maximize the appearance.

Leave one button on the top open if you use a polo shirt or shirt. However, if you use a suit or blazer, leave one button at the bottom open so as not to interfere with movement when you want to sit down.


By paying attention to some of the tips above, now you can try to change the previous fashion style to maximize your appearance. For men, of course, can’t just rely on undercut hair as their only attraction. That’s why we need information like the tips above.