Skin-gredients: 4 Complexion-Boosting, Hydrating Ingredients You Need to Know

Moisturizer is one type of cosmetic that is currently needed by many women to maintain healthy skin. Because moisturizers play an important role to be able to maintain healthy skin in regulating moisture levels in their skin so that they are not easily dry and damaged. So don’t be surprised if a moisturizer is often applied before using make-up so that it doesn’t dry out and get damaged.

A moisturizing product is currently very widely spread in the market with a variety of content. Ignorance of these ingredients turns out to make many people make mistakes in determining the compatibility between the product method and their skin. Know that a moisturizer generally has several basic ingredients that have important functions for the skin. Some of them can be seen as follows.


One of the most commonly used ingredients in moisturizing products is glycerin. Glycerin can be called a humectant which means it will attract water on itself. If you look at moisturizing products in general, maybe this ingredient is one of the most common and most widely used ingredients because its function is quite instant and very useful. When applied to the skin, glycerin will help draw water into the skin.


You should know that some moisturizers are not only used as a guide for cosmetics but have other functions as a natural skin protector. This type of moisturizer is a product that has ceramide ingredients in it. For those of you who have dry skin, it will be very suitable and it is recommended to use moisturizing products made from ceramides.

Because ceramides have a function to help maintain hydration and potential irritation. Where please note that this method is located between the skin cells. That’s why this ingredient is often used in moisturizing products that have a function to treat dry skin conditions or eczema.


Another ingredient that is also one of the best examples of ingredients to be used as an ingredient in moisturizing products is petrolatum. If the ceramide has a function to help dry skin, it can be said that petrolatum has a very important function. This is because petroleum jelly acts as an occlusive barrier to help reduce the amount of water lost to your skin as a skincare product.

It is because of this function that this product is very important to use for those of you who have dry skin problems because it can reduce only water lost to the skin through occlusive barriers.

Hyaluronan Acid

Hyaluronic acid is one of the ingredients that is being widely used by beauty products for the moisturizing segment these days. Moreover, it has been proven through several surveys that this acid is found in almost all types of skincare products because actually, all skin types must look for this ingredient as a hydration ingredient.

It is believed that this material is capable of holding up to 1000 times its weight in water. This moisturizer is very suitable for use by those who have sensitive skin because one of its main advantages is that it does not irritate its users. That’s why if you want to look for beauty products such as moisturizers but it turns out that your skin is sensitive, then make sure to choose a product that contains this ingredient.