Tips for Choosing an American House Design

The American-style house has been widely used in various parts of the world. From modern American-style houses to classic American styles, the demand is always high. American style house is a simple style house design with the use of natural materials, window panels, as in bay window exterior panels, without many carvings and details.

The concept of this house is also synonymous with soft colors such as gray or pastel. Both have certain characteristics that make them interesting to choose from. The characteristics of American-style houses, in general, are classic houses using red brick walls, asymmetrical facade design, having many window panels, and using a gable roof.

American Style is often considered to reflect luxury and elegance like the classic style, it’s just that it is more low-maintenance and very flexible. That means American Style interiors are easy to combine with different styles and can give the room a characterful appearance. This concept refers more to the characteristics of rural, natural, and American countries.

Characteristics of an American Style House

The following are some tips for choosing an American style house design:

  1. Use of Natural Materials

American Style is synonymous with the use of natural materials such as wood, stones, walls without plaster, and others. The use of natural materials is done to give the impression of a rustic, natural American country style.

  1. Many Windows

In an American-style house, the number of windows is quite a lot and lined up on the side of the house and behind the house. At least, in an American-style house, there are six windows of normal size and two large windows located on each floor.

However, the number may be much higher. The large windows in this American-style house aim to give the impression of a bright and open house. This large window also allows the space in the house to be illuminated by sunlight during the day. You can consult the window design with bay window exterior panels to get a window design that suits your needs.

  1. Gable roof

American-style houses have a central gable roof. From the concept of a simple box-shaped house room, the gable-shaped roof is centered on the roof of the entrance. In other words, the gable roof of the house is made inclined or protrudes forward.

  1. Soft Color Palette

Another sign of this style is also determined by choosing a soft color palette of colors in the same tone. For example, the use of all white, soft taupe, champagne, or dark brown to light brown colors close to white. This soft color will match perfectly with the selection of natural-inspired materials. Bay window exterior panels are one that you can use as a reference regarding your house design.

  1. Larger Furniture Size

To highlight the impression of luxury, usually, the size of the furniture used is larger than the standard. The colors of the furniture used also tend to be natural.

Those are some of the characteristics of an American-style house such as the bay window exterior panels.