6 Steps to Write the Perfect Book Review

When writing a book review, there are certain things you should pay attention to. Whether you’re a blogger or a student, it’s a good idea to know a few ways to write a good book review.

You can make book reviews based on ebooks pdf. This article will give you steps you can follow to write a book review.

Not only applies to textbooks, but you can also make book reviews of all kinds of books.

Steps to Make a Book Review

Here are some steps you should follow to write a book review:

  1. Create a Summary

To make a book review, you can start by reading the entire book and making a summary.

Make sure your summary is not too detailed. You can make a book summary with short and beautiful sentences.

This official summary can be found on google especially if you are a blogger. Then this summary can increase your website visitors.

  1. Look for Important Aspects

In a book, there must be characters, plots, and themes. Here you can create a paragraph to write aspects that are in this book.

You can write ranging from describing characters, themes to plots in the book. If you manage to make it, then people who will read the book reviews will enjoy it.

  1. Write a Short Quote

In the ebooks pdf that you will make as book reviews, there must be some valuable quotes, write short quotes that make this book a must-read.

Just make a few points or sentences to make a short quote. Because the quote is too long, people will not be interested in reading the book review that you make.

  1. Make a Conclusion

The most important thing in making a book review is the conclusion. People will be curious about the ending in the book.

You can summarize it in a few paragraphs and write the main points of the review you made.

You can add your review and opinion about this book. Your opinion will also make the reviews you make even better.

  1. Provide Other References

After you conclude, it means you are done making a book review. Then you can provide other reference books.

This is very useful so that other people can read the references you provide. Make sure the other book references that you provide have a similar theme to the reviews you have made.

This is so that other people can see two similar books in one book review.

  1. Give Stars

You can give a star rating at the end of the ebooks pdf made by book reviews. For example, you give six stars out of 10. You can also give a starred review in several different aspects.

For example, on the character aspect, you can give your assessment. You can also give a starred review in the plot aspect.

Reviews in several aspects will add value to the book reviews that you make. So that people will be interested in seeing the results of other book reviews that you make.