Cool Features on Android That Often Forgotten

Modern times bring us to always keep up with the times, one of which is following technological developments, which are getting here development is getting faster. One of them is to keep up with technological developments, which are increasingly developing here. Most of us are following technological developments by using Android.

Android itself is a device on a smartphone that has some cool features, it’s just that there are many features on Android that we have not used and utilized to the fullest. One of them is a pixel phone review which has not been fully utilized. Here we will tell some features that are owned by android that most people do not use these features.

Some Features on Android That Are Useful and Often Forgotten

The feature that is usually very concerning when buying Android is a pixel phone review so that many other features are not touched or not maximized properly and correctly. As for some cool and useful features on Android that are rarely known to many people, they are as follows:

  1. Game mode

This game mode is still rarely known by many people. Where in this game mode we will be presented with a variety of interesting choices. other than that, we can stream gameplay directly via YouTube, enable frame rate calculations, perform optimizations, activate switches, and can be used to add a recording shortcut or screenshot on the game screen. This feature will certainly be very useful for us even though how to use this feature is in the difficult category.

  1. One-handed mode

Besides the game mode, a pretty interesting feature that is hidden and not many people know about is the one-handed mode. This one-handed mode is usually in the iPhone feature. It turns out that Android also has a feature with one-handed mode, it’s just that to use this feature we need to do some settings, namely by clicking on the settings menu then sliding at the bottom and tapping the system, then several options will appear and select drag the screen into range or activate a shortcut one hand mode.

  1. Scroll screenshot

Who would have thought that many people don’t know how to use the scrollable screen capture feature, even though many already understand pixel phone reviews? As for being able to use this feature, it’s quite easy, we only need to take a screenshot as usual then there will be several icons displayed, then select the rightmost icon that says ‘capture more’, so that way we can capture the screen display up to three times more than usual. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

  1. Notification history for 24 hours

Another hidden feature that turns out to be on Android is setting a notification history for 24 hours. This feature is very useful for people who have poor memory and for people who have a lot of activities and are busy. How to activate it is quite easy, namely by sliding the screen down and a notification will appear then click the button entitled to manage and select it. These features have many benefits that we didn’t know before, right?

Some Interesting Features on Android That We Must Know

There are so many features provided by Android, it’s just that we are usually less able to maximize these features because it is difficult to activate them. It is not uncommon for people to even download applications from the Play Store, which already exist on our phones without having to download the application. As for some interesting features such as pixel phone review that we must also know, including:

  • New widgets

The widget itself is a feature that is used to make it easier for us to open the application with one touch, or it can also display the contents of the application without us opening the application. This feature is only known to a small number of Android users. Most android users are not aware of this feature. The way to use this feature is quite easy, namely by pressing the phone screen then a widget will appear and then select any application that will appear on the main screen. Very interesting, right?

  • Quick setting shortcuts

In addition to widgets that not many Android users know about, other features such as creating shortcuts are also rarely known. This shortcut feature offers a practical way, how to activate it by tapping and holding a certain icon, and then several menus will appear. So, by using this shortcut we can be directly directed to the settings menu according to what we want.

  • Hide content with the lock screen feature

This feature is usually available on every Android, it’s just that many Android users don’t know how to activate and use this lock screen. We can maintain the confidentiality of the applications on our phones without having to download the application.

So, in addition to paying more attention to pixel phone reviews, we are also expected to pay attention to several other features on our Android that are no less cool and of course, have good benefits. For those who do not know these features, it is hoped that after this they can use them well. Good luck!