Men’s Fashion Tips and Style Guide

It turns out that appearance is not the only thing that women pay attention to. Because now men are also starting to pay attention to their appearance, including fashion. If previously a man only did undercut hair to maximize his appearance, now it is not only limited to that.

Because it can be seen that currently there is so much information available in the form of tips and guides for men’s fashion. So that by applying it will be able to improve the appearance of a man. If you are curious about this, read the following tips and guidelines regarding men’s fashion.

Choose Bold Colors

One of the tips that can be applied to make your appearance more attractive is to try choosing clothes with bold colors. Because in general, a man will prefer dark or navy-colored clothes.

The use of these colors seems boring. That’s why we recommend trying to choose clothes with bold colors to give a different impression. Moreover, these colors can be combined with several dark colors so that they will be very suitable when used.

Trying Patterned and Textured Clothes

In general, men will prefer to wear clothes such as t-shirts because they look simple but stylish. Though please note that now you can try to use patterned and textured clothes as a new option.

One of the most suitable options for use by men such as polo shirts, sweaters, and sweatshirts. Trying to use one of these options will certainly be able to maximize your appearance rather than just relying on undercut hair.

Choose the Right Size

One of the tips that should not be forgotten by all men when they want to choose an outfit is to pay attention to the size of the clothes. Because it must be known that the incompatibility of the size of the clothes with the body will affect a person’s appearance.

That’s why we recommend not choosing an outfit that has a size that is too large so that it is not too comfortable when viewed. So, when choosing these clothes, it would be better to try them first in the fitting room.

Choosing White Basic Clothes

Basic clothing is one of the most important items to combine with other outerwear. There are many kinds of basic clothes, some of which are singlets, socks, and t-shirts.

To feel right when combined with other clothes, we highly recommend using basic clothes that have white color. Because white is a color that is suitable when combined with all colors.

Leaving One Button Open

Even the concept of using buttons is one thing that is suitable for you to maximize your appearance. You can try leaving one of the buttons open to maximize the appearance.

Leave one button on the top open if you use a polo shirt or shirt. However, if you use a suit or blazer, leave one button at the bottom open so as not to interfere with movement when you want to sit down.


By paying attention to some of the tips above, now you can try to change the previous fashion style to maximize your appearance. For men, of course, can’t just rely on undercut hair as their only attraction. That’s why we need information like the tips above.

3 Fun Educational Recommendation Course for Young Kid

This pandemic period makes all activities online. Including children who have to go to school online every day. Even the courses that children usually take every day, had to be temporarily suspended because of this outbreak.

However, this does not prevent parents from registering for online courses for their children. By taking online courses, children can learn while playing.

Of course, online courses are more fun than online schools. You can visit learning printables to provide online courses for your child.

Online Course Options and Benefits for Children

Online courses are much more fun because children can learn while playing. Even though they have to go through a laptop or iPad, at least they will feel happy when they have to learn.

Online courses are flexible classes. You can visit the online course website at any time according to the child’s schedule.

In contrast to online schools that stress children, online courses put the child’s mood first. Children will be made happy during the course because many things make them interested in learning.

Here are some recommendations for educational and fun online courses for children:

  1. Mathematics Online Course

Mathematics is one of the most difficult subjects for children. Especially for children who are new to numbers and counting, math is difficult and boring.

You can visit learning printables to register children’s online courses. They provide pictures containing counting questions.

If children get interesting pictures even though they are still about math problems, they will feel interested and want to count them.

Giving math problems must also be creative so that children feel like solving math problems even though they are difficult. If they are given an interesting picture, they will want to try to work on it.

  1. Robotics and Coding Course

If children are interested in learning coding or robotics, you can enroll them in online courses. Usually, children who are interested in this field are those who master computers.

Although still at a young age, children can be taught coding. But you can’t force it if your child is not interested.

Although this field is quite heavy, many children are interested in learning robotics and coding. They have participated in many competitions thanks to online courses.

  1. Art Online Course

Apart from learning math, you can also register your child for online art classes. An online art course could be painting, drawing, or putting together a puzzle.

This online art course makes it even more fun for kids to learn. You can download pictures and have them color them.

You can visit learning printables and search for pictures to paint. Even children can put together a puzzle.

This online art course can increase the level of creativity of children. Because as long as they go to online school, it must be boring and reduce the creativity level of children.

Try enrolling your child in one of the recommended online courses above. Make children learn in a fun way and can increase their creativity without stressing them out.

What Is The Best Used Car to Buy?

The use of cars is currently quite high, especially in metropolitan cities.  Because the car is considered as one of the mandatory vehicles that can be used as an anticipatory step to deal with various weather.  That’s why many people are looking for affordable auto sales to enable them to buy a car.

However, due to several constraints such as budget constraints, some people can only buy used cars.  But many of them feel confused when they want to buy it because they don’t know what car is good if bought in a used state.  Of course, they don’t want to get goods that are not of high quality, that’s why take a look at some of the following recommendations for used cars that are suitable to buy.

Kia Rio

Kia Rio is one of our recommendations if you are looking for a used car that has good quality.  This car is perfect if you are looking for a used car with sporty utility.  Matt Lorenzo of Kalley Blue Book reveals that “if you want sport utility, look at hatchbacks.

Kia Rio is very appropriate when purchased in a used condition because it has a futuristic design.  Moreover, it uses a hatchback model.  Moreover, in terms of price, it turns out to be more economical because the demand is less than SUV model cars.  The new car is priced at around $15,390, for now, the used ones are about a third cheaper than the new ones.

Toyota Corolla

Toyota is one car that is very worth it if you buy it in a used state.  Toyota Corolla itself is one of the subscriptions as the best-selling car in Japan.  You can get this car easily by visiting affordable auto sales.  This car is also classified as a new product because it has a 2019 model year.

One of the most interesting things about this car is that the price is quite affordable.  Moreover, the maintenance required to care for this motor is not much.  So if you need a car for long-term needs without spending a lot of money, you can buy a Toyota Corolla even in a used state to get a cheaper price.

Volkswagen Jetta

This car is very spacious for you to buy because it has been revealed that the warranty from Volkswagen has 6 years and also 72,000 miles.  That’s why if you buy this car, it’s still within the warranty period, of course, you won’t have to worry about the obstacles that will be found later.

The price is also quite affordable considering the quality of this car is unquestionable.  If the Fox Volkswagen Jetta in new condition is priced at $18,745, then you can get a cheaper price for the 2016 model Jetta, which costs only around $12,000.

Subaru Cross Trek

You can get one of these cars from this Japanese manufacturer at a cheaper price for now by getting a good quality car.  This model underwent a redesign in 2018 making the previous model more affordable than before.  In new condition, cross trek has a base MSRP of $21,895.  Surprisingly, the 2016 option turned out to have a fair purchase price of $16,662.

If you currently want to buy a car that is quite futuristic and not out of date but limited by budget, then try to buy a used car.  Currently, there are a lot of used cars that are quite affordable and of good quality, such as those in affordable auto sales.

Caring For Your Collectible Doll

Collectible dolls, they can be objects of dedication, emotional receptors, triggers of good memories, beautiful beauties that are worth seeing and can sometimes be sold for some money. But if it looks like a bugaboo from the last century, you don’t want to touch a dusty collectible doll with torn clothes.

You may have collected your Shiba plush, Chinese or Japanese doll collection at auction, or you may have fallen in love with Celeste for the first time. They all got dressed and walked the Internet. No matter what price you buy collectible dolls, once they are yours, you will take care of them.

To keep your favorite dolls in excellent condition, be sure to do the following:

Dust Them Regularly

You can use a small antistatic brush. Be sure to shake off the dust from its hair. But don’t force it. Dust will only accumulate on the wig, if it is not treated immediately, it may cause bad hair! In the case of a stuffed animal or toy, you just need to clean the dust thoroughly and smoothly. Don’t do it with force or it will break your collection.

Store In A Temperature-Controlled Room

It is best to store your shiba plush and collectible doll in a room where you are willing to spend most of your time. The attic and basement are affected by extreme heat and cold. These drastic changes in temperature can damage the materials used in your collection.

Store in a room that is not humid and easily damp.

Moisture can cause mold to grow. Once mold invades your collections, it can be difficult to remove them.

Limit The Number Of Hands That Touch

Of course, you want your child to handle the doll. However, if your collectible dolls are adorned with delicate lace and ornaments, they can be hit if they fall into the hands of a random person. Your child may know how to treat him with care, but when he has friends or pets who decide to use your collection as their toys, this might cause danger and you don’t want that.

Use Acid-Free Filing Boxes For Storage

Modern technology helps in many ways. You can use them to store paper records, important documents, and family photos. Why not use them to store collectible dolls that you don’t want to display right now? You can also go through your collection, placing some dolls in these types of storage boxes, while the rest will be shown off outside to the world. You might think that ordinary plastic boxes can achieve their purpose, but they can hold the least amount of water and can damage the objects in them.

If You Have Bisque Figures, Be Sure To Store Them Upside Down.

If they lie on their back, their heavy eyes can fall, breaking or even destroying their heads in the process. Remember, face-up, the eyes are broken; Get on your knees, they’re safe!

Just remember in your mind, prevention is the key to all disasters. This also applied to your collectibles. When you have shiba plush and you adore it so much, be sure to do the preventions above to avoid disaster in the next future.

The Successful Landlord: Ads That Get Your Home Rented

The business of the rental house is quite popular these days especially in a city or town with a dense population. Since buying a house is really expensive, renting becomes the best solution for those who want to settle for a while. Some might be interested to rent in Craigslist Warner Robins Ga, but some will prefer in other places.

How to Create Creative Ads that Get Your Home Rented

If you are Landlord, and you want to rent your house to earn income from it, then you need to create the best ads. Advertisement plays an important role in attracting tenants so they can get the house they want with their budget. The reason behind many rental houses is empty is because they do not even post ads or they post poor ads which cannot compete with other rental houses.

Well, if you want your house to get rented, here are some tips to create attractive ads to bring in more consistent tenants!

  • Create Stunning Photograph

Visual is the most important thing in the advertisement. You can take a look at the Craigslist Warner Robins Ga Ads which they create the best photograph of their rental house. Stunning photo with clear pictures of the house features with the good attractive point. It is like food photography, when you see an amazing food picture, it surely wakes up your appetite and makes you buy the food. It is also applied in home renting. So create a stunning photograph and get your house rented!

Although hiring a photographer might cost you some bucks, but at least you don’t have to deal with photography matters. You don’t need to buy a camera, lighting, props and any other that photographer needs. So, it is more like investing!

  • Write Attractive Copy Writing

Copy Writing is the best description of your ads that you can get out there. It is not just a simple description because copywriting has its own formula. In the case of advertising home rental, the formula that is used is generally like this; price + bedrooms + bathroom + property type + location + selling points (features).

Simple example: $1,500 1 single bedroom, 1 bathroom, apartment in Warner Robins with an amazing view!

  • Distribute your Ads

The last thing to do is to distribute your ads. Since now people are looking for recommendations online, then you have to think about what kind of sites that your prospective tenants will visit. Sites like Craiglist, Zillow, Redfins, Zumper, and Hotpads are the most visited sites which become the guidelines for people to search for home rentals. So, place your ads on those sites and still, it is also better for you to place your ads offline as well.

If your ads are already distributed, you should not just leave it like that. You should also monitor your ads and update your ads with the available rents or updated features. You can take a look at how the Craigslist Warner Robins Ga ads and how the ads are managed. Learn, copy and improve from the best, and you will get your house rented soon!

Engineering Design Reviews in New Product Development

When you have built a product, you don’t immediately sell it and distribute it to the outer world. Prototypes, which are the pre-final product should be tested whether about its functionalities, goals, and how good the product is. After that, in the last cycle, the pre-final product needs to be reviewed.

Let say that your product is a website. Your webasite then has to be tested in the matter of its functionalities, and other things. After that, your website also needs to be reviewed by experts so that your product can deliver such a good impact on the goal of the business. What needs to be reviewed about the site is the shape, design, theme, color, and other things which are included in “cosmetics matter”.

The “cosmetics matters” here means the things that can beautify your site. You can create a beautiful theme and compare it with others, or you can just download WordPress plugin and its theme in a simple way.

Processes in Review of Pre-final Product

The pre-final product should be at least function properly. Before going into the review process, the product needs to be ensured that it works. The reason is, the final review usually is more about how the design looks like, and how is the impact when the product goes online.

Let’s stick with the example mentioned earlier. Let say that you have a pre-final website that needs to be launched in the next couple of days. You need some experts to review your pre-final website and here are the common processes in the review of your website.

Color Combination and Comparison

Color plays an important role in a design of a website. A good website will provide the best color that pleases the eyes of the visitors. But selecting color itself should not be done improperly. Color should be chosen based on where the website goal would go. The color needs to be selected based on the niche of the website itself. The way visitors see your website will determine how your visitors will react to your site and might be become your site subscriber.

Website Theme and Plugin

The most crucial one in building a website is the design and theme. Visitors will always look at the design of the site entirely. They don’t care about the content, value, and many things else. The design will also play an important role in how your company looks in the eyes of a visitor. If you create the best theme, or you might even download WordPress plugin and theme, your visitors will surely be pleased.

UI (User Interface)

Although it might feel the same, UI and the theme is quite different. UI will determine how visitors interact with the website, and how the website serves them. When visitors want to visit another page on your site, or when they want to comment or use the service on your site, all of this is included in the UI section. Friendly UI will make your site the best, and your visitor will likely stay longer on your site.

Beauty Routines to Do After Workout

Sport is one of the activities that can maintain health and fitness. There are several skincare steps for those of you who have finished your Home workout. This step is important so that the skin remains healthy, well-groomed, and beautiful. Skin needs care after we exercise because after we workout, we will sweat and there will be a lot of bacteria on our skin.

Some Routines After a Workout to Maintain Skin Beauty

Check out the steps to take care of skin that need to be done after we exercise. So that your skin will stay healthy and beautiful even though you often exercise.

Don’t Touch Your Face Often After a Workout

After you exercise, all parts of the body will sweat, including your hands. Our hands will be dirty after using various sports equipment. Therefore, you should avoid touching your face as much as possible after a workout, especially if you haven’t showered. From bacteria and sweat on the hands, moving to the facial area is very possible if we often touch our face after a workout. In the end, habits like this can cause problems on facial skin such as acne and so on.

Wash Your Face and Take a Shower with Warm Water

When you finish your workout, your body temperature will rise and your body will be warmer. Therefore, we need to take a bath using warm water. To balance the temperature to stay comfortable and avoid temperature changes that are too extreme. But you need to remember also, do not bathe in very hot water because it is dangerous.

Use Moisturizer and Toner

There is another thing that needs to be done after a workout, using moisturizer and toner. Our skin becomes hot and a lot of skin moisture is lost. This is because a lot of sweat comes out during the home workout. Therefore, you are better off using a toner or moisturizer if you have been exercising. The function of a toner is to soothe our skin while a moisturizer can moisturize the skin. So that some of these care products can keep our skin healthy and beautiful.

Avoid Wearing Makeup

You need to avoid using makeup products after a workout. At least 1 hour after your workout. Several types of workouts burn calories even after you finish exercising. So that your body still sweats even a little. You should wait until your body is not sweating. Only then, you can apply makeup.

Use Sunscreen

When you exercise, the sunscreen that you have applied on your face will wear off along with a lot of sweat. You better don’t forget to apply the sunscreen again after exercising. This is very important especially if you are still doing outdoor activities afterward. By using sunscreen, our skin will be protected from the harmful effects of UV rays from the sun. Many other routines need to be done after a home workout. If you want your skin to stay healthy and look beautiful at all times, then don’t forget to apply some of the routines above.

5 Best Kitchen Utensil Sets for Every Type of Cook

Cooking is a mandatory activity for all mothers today because it is an activity to serve a meal for the family. That’s why cooking yourself does not only require skills but also requires qualified equipment.

By having qualified equipment, of course, you will be able to cook without the slightest obstacle. Instead of spending money on buying a separate food utensil, it would be better if you buy a kitchen utensil set.

Because by buying a set of kitchen utensils, it turns out that you will be able to get the various kitchen utensils needed at a more affordable price. In addition, usually, the quality is not in doubt. That’s why we have a recommendation for the best kitchen utensil set.

Kangaroo Frypan Set

This kitchen utensil set will be very important for you because it has a function as a tool for frying. The mini size of course makes the price more economical. If you buy this frying pan set, you can get 2 pans measuring 20 and 24 cm. This pan uses aluminum as its basic material which is coated with scratch-resistant and non-stick marble. For the price itself, it is quite economical because it is only priced at Rp. 225,000.

Maxim Ultra Pink 2 Pcs Set

For those of you who love pink, you will be very interested in buying this kitchen set. Because this kitchen utensil set will present two pink cooking wear on the outside. This product from Maxim is very attractive to buy because it uses aluminum as its main material which is coated with non-stick black diamond. By spending rp647,000 you can get a frying pan measuring 22 cm and a wok 30 cm.

Bolde Super Pan Granite Set

We highly recommend you to buy this kitchen utensil set because it will make it easier for you to clean the cookware. This is because the catch has been covered by granite. Moreover, this equipment is quite sophisticated by presenting a smart induction system to make dishes heat evenly.

By spending money starting from Rp. 679,900 you will get a 22 cm frying pan, an 18 cm saucepan with a glass lid, and a 24 cm wok pan. All the equipment uses aluminum as the main material with a layer of granite.

Vicenza Wave Cookware Set

If you are bored with the monotonous look of the pan, try to buy this Vicenza wave cookware set. Still, here you will be given a frying pan that has a unique shape on the outside because the surface will be wavy which is presented with bright colors.

In this utensil set, you can get a 24 cm frying pan, a 16.5 cm saucepan with a glass lid, and a 24 cm pan with a glass lid. Then last you will be given a black spatula. This cookware set can be purchased with prices starting from IDR 829,000.

Oxone Cookware Set 4+2 Pcs

If you want to see a complete set of kitchen utensils then try to buy this product. Because you will be able to get a pan made of stainless steel with an anti-rust and anti-dent coating. If you give it, you can get a 20 cm frying pan, a 24 cm large pot with a glass lid, a 20 cm small pan with a glass lid, a 24 cm deep-pan, a 24 cm filter, a 14 cm frying net, and 2 kitchen tools.

8 Fashion Tips to Ensure You Always Look Stylish

Appearance is one of the important aspects today to be able to give the impression of attractiveness to other people. Where the appearance is divided into several aspects of which fashion is a part. Fashion itself is a style of dress that currently often appears new trends to show the latest styles of clothing combinations.

However, many people do not have a high fashion sense, so they can only dress modestly and look ordinary. If you are one of those groups who still want to look more fashionable, try to follow some of the following tips on 8 tips to make it look attractive and fashionable.

Accept Yourself Without Hiding Your Deficiency

Most people will choose to use fashion that covers their shortcomings. Even though applying this will make them look like they have the impression of forcing fashion. To always look fashionable, we recommend that you accept yourself first without having to cover your shortcomings.

Choose clothes that you like without hesitation to show your flaws, because these flaws will look like uniqueness to others if you don’t hide and instead symbolize how confident you are.

Tuck Your Shirt Into Your Pants

If you do have a shirt with a size that is long enough, it will look more fashionable, try to slip the shirt into your pants. This trick can give a clean impression and can show your slim waistline.

Not Washing Clothes Often

Be aware that the quality of the clothes will deteriorate if they are washed too often. Because it can fade the color and weaken the fiber. That’s why we recommend putting your clothes in the freezer if they smell bad and if they get stained, clean them using a spot cleaning technique.

Appear With Monochrome Theme

Many people will look very fashionably messed up when they mix colors in their dress style combinations. That’s why we recommend you try to expose yourself by using a monochrome color combination.

Avoid Logos As Much As Possible

Some people might say the logo adds to their fashion appeal. Even though this only applies for a few moments, if you want to look fashionable in the long run, avoid using logos and we recommend using plain or patterned clothes without using a logo.

Keeping Clothes Condition

Henceforth, to make you look always fashionable, we recommend that you always maintain the condition of your clothes to make them look new. Maybe not using these clothes often will be one of the best ways, but other care such as how to wash them is also an important aspect.

Using Black Pants

Please note that most men who prioritize fashion will probably have several pants of the same color, it’s black. Because black is one of the colors that is very suitable when combined with all colors. Moreover, the black color is used as subordinate pants, he said, it will always look fashionable.

Dare To Combine Patterns

Some people feel less confident when they wear an outfit with a different pattern. If you dare to combine patterns on clothes, it might be an interesting combination and have an eye-catching impression.

Keeping Your Winter Glow Around the Clock

Winter is one of the seasons that will decrease a person’s productivity because most of them will probably prefer to be in a warm place and away from water. That’s why it’s not surprising that many people are lazy to do skincare because entering this season will indeed make the mood go down. Moreover, there is the fact that when winter comes, the skin will become dull and dry, so it becomes a new problem if you don’t take care of your skin.

For some women, of course, this is not an obstacle for them to be able to keep their skin beautiful and glowing. Because beauty is one of the most important things for them to maintain. Skincare is one of the basic things that must be done so as not to disturb his health in winter. It turns out that doing skincare in winter is not the same as usual, his son has done the following tips to keep your skin glowing even in winter.

When Going To Sleep

Maintaining healthy skin, especially for those of you who have dry skin, will certainly be quite difficult because it requires maintenance, but during winter. We will reveal information about how to do skincare at night before you go to sleep.

The first step is to clean your face. Usually, this cleaning process is done to clean the makeup that you have used before for activities. We recommend using cleaning products such as micellar water.

In addition, you also still have to re-cleanse using facial soap. Due to winter, we recommend using a facial soap that has a cream type. It is not recommended to use a gel or foam type because it can make the skin feel tighter so it dries quickly.

After cleansing, you can apply hydrating oil to your face. This product has the function of being the key to keeping your skin hydrated and preventing dry skin in the long run. Apply this material first before applying the serum to the surface of the face before going to bed. The hyaluronic acid found in serum has a function as a skin moisturizer.

In The Morning

Even though at night before you go to bed you have applied some skincare creams, which means that it does not guarantee that the cleanliness and moisture are maintained until morning. That’s why when you wake up, of course, you also have to do more treatment to keep your skin looking glowing.

When you wake up your eyes first drink enough water. Because by consuming drinking water will certainly be able to increase skin health because it can increase moisture levels. After that, you can clean your face first by using a facial wash. Like the previous description that we recommend you use a facial wash that has a cream type to adjust to winter conditions.

After you clean your face thoroughly using a facial wash, then you can then do the treatment by applying toner to your face area. The use of toner is quite important because it can help finish cleaning your face that previously might not have been thoroughly cleaned by a facial wash.

Because the toner has a function to remove the remaining oil in the facial area. If you want to use a toner then use soft beauty cotton so that it is comfortable when spoken on the facial skin. After that, you can use a moisturizer or moisturizer. When finished, you can apply make-up to do activities outside the home.

When In Activities

When you are doing activities, there is nothing that needs to be done to do skincare because what has been previously applied can be cleaned at night for follow-up care. To maintain the health of your skin, especially in winter, we highly recommend drinking water.

Because water plays the most important role in being able to make you able to maintain healthy skin because water helps increase the water content or moisture in the skin. So that is a lot of drinking lots of water can make your skin stay healthy and glowing even in winter though.

To do skincare just need to do the same thing over and over again. It’s just that you have to do it regularly when it’s winter. Because winter is one of the main enemies for dry skin. Because it can be seen that the wind that often blows your skin will certainly accelerate the drying process of the skin. To be able to maintain healthy skin, do the treatment as in the tutorial above, and don’t forget to consume as much water as possible to maintain skin moisture.